Whitetail DeerWe offer first class trophy Whitetail hunts in Saskatchewan, that start while waiting in your blind in the dark. Time won’t seem to pass fast enough to let you get a good look at what is making all the noise in the snow around you. Finally being able to see… there’s a huge bodied Saskatchewan Whitetail buck running a doe off the bait… what a sight!! Now you want time to slow down, if only the next hour could last forever as the deer are steadily feeding and cruising past during the first twilight hour. You check for the hundredth time to ensure everything is exactly as you want it in the blind, ready to react at any time knowing exactly how everything is laid out. Yes, this is what I wait all year for and this reminds me exactly why I do it! Please see our Gallery to view photos of some of the happy hunters over the years.

Black Bear numbers are very high in our areas, and the baits we utilize are hot baits, not just active baits. We maintain very active baits and have a high number of colour phase bears in our area, obviously nothing is guaranteed while hunting, but we do our very best to please and produce the best trophy possible for each hunter. Most areas have not been bear hunted before and areas that have been hunted have had little pressure so we look forward to each spring to see what shows up! We continue to see lots of bears, good bears and colour phase bears. Bookings are limited so book early!